What a steal!

November 15, 2007

Here’s an ad from November of 1982 for your amusement:

A whole 10 MB!?!?

What a difference 25 years makes…

Found on adflip – a cool site that has a very large archive of print ads.


Quote(s) of the Day

October 18, 2007

From Mark Driscoll’s message on 10/7/07:

“Everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…unless it’s itchy. That’s what the fine print says.”

“This magazine cover reveals Paris Hilton’s 7 Spiritual Lessons. I don’t even know if she can count to 7.”

YouTube’s Greatest Hits #13

April 29, 2007

Weird Al’s “Ebay”

I’ve been a Weird Al fan since I was a teenager, and he still manages to get a laugh out of me.

Lesson to be learned: “Don’t eat pet food…ever.”

March 28, 2007

Woman ill after eating recalled dog food

Here’s one of those stories that make you feel bad for the person, laugh at the person, and then feel bad for laughing at the person.

Listen, there’s never a good reason to eat pet food.  I don’t care if you think it’s going to taste good, or if you think it will help convince Fluffy to eat, or if there’s no real food left and your only choice is starving or pet food.  Just don’t do it.

YouTube’s Greatest Hits #9

March 25, 2007

A Week of Kindness and the Last Crusade

This is certainly in the top 5 of my all-time favorite internet videos.

YouTube’s Greatest Hits #8

March 23, 2007


Now that’s variety! I know it’s weird and kinda creepy, but I give it 2 muffin tops up.

YouTube’s Greatest Hits #7

March 19, 2007

Time 4 Bed

This just simply makes me laugh.