One Cool (and Free) Way to Fight Hunger

November 15, 2007

Check out Free Rice. They’ve come up with a very creative way to get food to the poor. Basically, they give you a glorified vocab test (don’t let that scare you away), and for every correct answer you get, they give 10 grains of rice to be distributed by the U.N. They raise the money for the rice through the advertising on the site. The first time I went on, I played long enough to raise 3,000 grains. As of yesterday, the site has raised almost 1.9 billion grains of rice.

HT: Rob Wegner


What a steal!

November 15, 2007

Here’s an ad from November of 1982 for your amusement:

A whole 10 MB!?!?

What a difference 25 years makes…

Found on adflip – a cool site that has a very large archive of print ads.


November 13, 2007

Check out this video called “Did You Know 2.0”. It’s hard to fathom what the world will be like for my kids as they get older.  And I thought VCR’s were high tech when I was a kid.