Quote(s) of the Day

From Mark Driscoll’s message on 10/7/07:

“Everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…unless it’s itchy. That’s what the fine print says.”

“This magazine cover reveals Paris Hilton’s 7 Spiritual Lessons. I don’t even know if she can count to 7.”


2 Responses to Quote(s) of the Day

  1. rlprlp says:

    Welcome to the High Calling Blog Network. This is Gordon Atkinson. Marcus Goodyear and I are moderating or encouraging or something. Even we don’t know what to call it yet. We’ve been flooded with requests, and we are currently sorting and trying to get everyone into a category on the High Calling Blog page. You’ll hear more from me in comments as I read your work. For now bear with us as we try to get this thing started.

  2. That’s awesome. Love it!

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