“Sing and pray”

I’m writing this more for myself than anything else.  I want to remember this one thing that my youngest, Caleb, requests every night at this stage in his life.  Before he goes to bed he says that it’s time to “sing and pray”.  So I pick him up, and we start singing this playlist, in this order:

  1. Jesus Loves Me by Unknown
  2.  Lollipop (just the chorus) by some girlie group in the ’50’s
  3. One Way, Jesus (with hand motions) by Hillsong Kids
  4. Never Give Up (just the chorus) by Hillsong Kids
  5. Zippity Doo Dah by Unknown

It’s always in that order with the exception of #5 which was requested for the first time tonight so I’m guessing it will always be there from here on out.  Then, we pray.  He rests his head on my shoulder as I pray for him, Tyler, and Mandy.  I pray for their futures.  I pray that both of them fall in love with Jesus Christ some day.  I pray that Mandy and I send them in the right direction despite our mistakes.  After “amen” we hug (“squeeze, squeeze”), kiss, and say our I love you’s, goodnight’s, and see you in the morning’s.   Man, I love being a dad.

Sidenote: Sorry, but the blogging thing kind of slipped through the cracks, but I intend to do better in the future.


One Response to “Sing and pray”

  1. Patti says:

    Jeremy, what a sweet, sweet memory. Thanks for sharing it, it really touched my heart.

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