The Latest

Just some of the stuff I’ve been into lately.

Book I’m reading right now: What Is the What by Dave Eggers – I’m about 100 pages in, and it has me captivated. It’s the story of one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. I highly recommend it even though I haven’t finished it yet.

Last book I finished: To Own a Dragon by Donald Miller – Although this is only the second book I’ve read of Miller’s, he’s one of my favorite Christian authors. This one’s good, but it could’ve been a little longer.

Book of the Bible I’m reading: Ezekiel – There are some gems in this book. Read it.

Last movie I watched in the theater: Spiderman 3 – Not the greatest superhero movie, but it served its purpose. Some great action sequences. Some cheesy stuff, but when it was cheesy, it was very cheesy. All in all I’d say it was average.

Last movie I watched at home: Curious George – What can I say? I have 2 kids under 5. Still, not bad for a kids movie.

Last real movie I watched at home: Saving Private Ryan – I’ve only seen this movie a couple of times, but it’s so timely. I’m a big fan of war movies, and they don’t get any better than this one. What a great story.

Music I’ve been listening to: Funeral and Neon Bible by The Arcade Fire – Very different sound for me, and this time different is really good. I had to give both these albums a few listens before enjoying them, but now I’m hooked. Also, Add to the Beauty by Sara Groves – There’s some really great stuff here.

Last cool website I found: – This site asks for people to invest in entrepreneurs in developing countries. Very cool idea, and you can invest as little as $25.


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