YouTube’s Greatest Hits #1

If you know me, you know that I enjoy a good video clip. So I’ve decided to start posting some of my favorites here, or as I will call it, “YouTube’s Greatest Hits”. Most will be funny. Some profound. You may not think that they’re all that great. I understand. Some think my sense of humor is pretty whacked. But I forgive them. I’ll probably put up 2 or 3 a week until the well runs dry, but I don’t see that happening. And don’t think I spend hours scouring YouTube for these.  Most of the time they’re ones I see on other people’s blogs or forums I frequent.  Anyways, here’s one I came across today. So without further ado…

My name is John Daker

From what I understand this was filmed in the ’90’s. Just imagine if this guy knew at the time that people would be watching this film for kicks in 2007. He may have attempted to learn the words.


One Response to YouTube’s Greatest Hits #1

  1. Ty Duncan says:

    Good luck with the words … I don’t understand the meaning of them.

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