Great Moments in Christian TV

Here is about 20 minutes of Drew Marshall on the 100 Huntley Street program. I had never heard of either of them until today (props to the Weary Pilgrim). But this is some of the best “Christian” TV I’ve ever seen. There are 2 reasons I really appreciate this segment. First, it’s funny and profound all at the same time. And it’s pretty much all unintentional and catches the hosts a little off guard. You can sense the uncomfortability (if that’s a word). Tension just about always makes for great TV. Second, what Drew says resonates strongly with me. All the “dressings” of the American church are probably ugly in the eyes of God. I remember hearing pastors ask, “If Jesus came to your house, what books, magazines, movies, etc. would you hide?” as if the appearance of our home is really that important to Him. I don’t think Jesus would give a rip. And even if we did hide that stuff, He’d know what and where it is. If Jesus actually did come to my house, I’ll admit, I’d go crazy making my house look nice, but I think that’s a weakness and flaw. Certainly not a strength or a sign of holiness. We’re so concerned about what people think of us. We have to present just the right image. But like I said, I don’t think Jesus would give a rip. He always, always, always dealt with the heart – the inside of the man and never the outside (Matt. 23:25-28). All I gotta say is, “Ouch, that hurts!” It’s certainly a struggle. I want people to think I’m holy, but I’m not – I struggle and I fail, but as Drew said, “He’s never given up on me.” Thanks, Drew.

Part 1

Part 2


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